Monday, January 11, 2010

365 #11


Date: 2010/01/11 13:39 
Canon EOS D40
ISO: 400
Exposure: 1/125 sec
Aperture: 5,6
Focal Length: 61.0 mm
Flash Used: No
White Balance: Flash


Mondays are always busy days for me, today was no different. There was not a lot of time to play with my camera today. What I’m trying to do here  is to post a picture a day to witness the progress I make in getting acquainted with the Canon D40, my “Big Guy”.
Now I KNOW I am very ambitious but I do believe it would be a utopian dream to want a GOOD picture each and every day. Today was one of those days nothing really seemed to want to work. The light was too poor to shoot inside early in the morning, what was left of the snow on the patio was not photogenic at all. I even ended up trying to photograph reflections from the pots and pans in my dishwasher! Yes … well … I was THAT desperate! 
It was past noon and I had to go to work in the afternoon so I decided to leave a little earlier and walk all the way to work.  I did not expect any grand photography today anyway, but at least I would be making some progress because I’ve hardly used it outside my home up until now. Taking the Big Guy for a walk in my own neighborhood is a new challenge for this greenhorn. 
I  took a brief stroll  along the canal and saw this lady with a puppy dog coming towards me. The puppy was an apprentice too and somehow that made me a little less shy. I asked  her if I could take a picture of her cute dog and she happily made him pose for me.
He was the sweetest cutest and smartest dog I’ve ever seen. He turned his head and looked straight into the lens because he heard me laugh. Another thing I learned is to use my voice next time to deliberately attract attention …



Always two there are, a master and an apprentice.
Frank Oz


  1. You captured a child-like innocence in that very cute dog!

  2. Smart dog. He understands Dutch - which is more than I can do.

  3. What an adorable puppy!!!! So cute!

  4. Ohhhh he's cute! And you captured his childish innocence very well sis!
    Big hug,
    Your little sister

  5. @ Wanda : He was such a sweetie!
    @ LceeL : Which still does not mean he's smarter than you are.
    @ Kristi : He is!
    @ Bientje : He was adorable.

  6. I am so entranced by this blog of yours! (My first visit)... and I am really excited for this new project! Keep taking the big guy out and capturing the world. This puppy melts my heart!

  7. A handsome-looking dog! Great shot!