Wednesday, January 27, 2010

365 #27

Date: 2010/01/27 13:47
Model: Canon EOS D40
ISO: 400
Exposure: 1/25 sec
Aperture: 10
Focal Length: 41.0 mm
Flash Used: No
White Balance: Flash


This is the last entry for Thematic Photography, “I’m hungry”. It’s been fun!

This is a page from an old culinary weekly magazine “ Journal de la Cuisine”. They’re bound in books and this is the oldest volume, it dates from 1890. I really love to leaf through them from time to time. I think they paint a pretty neat picture of what life in Belgium was like in that era. There’s always something that catches my eye. Like these statistics on import and export between Belgium and France for instance. I think it’s interesting to know we exported slightly more than we imported. About the same amounts of kilos of meat, butter and eggs went back and forth across the French border. We loved ( and I guess we still love) French cheese and the French seemed to be eager to import our live stock and fish.
Oh and we exported 2.637.000 liters of our milk.
Hmmm? This makes me wonder …
Perhaps they used it to make French cheese?


  1. Very interesting. Great idea to photograph the book the way you have.


  2. I love this photograph. It appears so rich in history.