Tuesday, January 12, 2010

365 #12

Date: 2010/01/12 14:55 
Canon EOS D40
ISO: 400
Exposure: 1/60 sec
Aperture: 5,6
Focal Length: 85mm
Flash Used: Yes
White Balance: Flash


- splash someone or something up:
to scatter a liquid onto someone or something. Don't get that stuff all over. Don't splash the place up! She splashed up the kitchen when she washed the dishes.

- splash someone or something with something:
to scatter or slosh someone or something with a liquid. The whales at Sea World splashed everyone in the audience with water. I splashed the side of the stove with pancake batter when I dropped the bowl.

- splash something (all) over someone or something:
to cause a liquid to overflow or engulf someone or something. Tony splashed water all over Nick. Who splashed milk all over the table?

- splash something about:
to scatter or slosh a liquid about. Please don't splash that about. It will stain anything you spill it on. Don't splash that stuff about!

- splash something on(to) someone or something:
to make a liquid scatter onto someone or something. Accidentally, the lab assistant splashed acid onto his arm. He splashed something on the counter.

- splash about and splash around:
1. to move about in a volume of a liquid, splashing. The children splashed about in the pool. They splashed around for an hour.
2. [for a liquid] to move about, splashing. The water splashed about in the bucket. It splashed around as I carried the bucket.

- splash down:
[for a space capsule] to land in the water. The capsule splashed down very close to the pickup ship.

- splash on someone or something:
to scatter [a liquid] on someone or something. Try to keep from splashing on anybody. Don't splash on the wall!

- splash over:

[for a volume of liquid] to overflow its container. A lot of the coffee splashed over before I got to the table with the cup. Don't fill it so full and it won't splash over.

- make a splash :
to get a lot of public attention It wasn't a best-seller but it did make quite a splash in American literary circles.


  1. Love it!! Would you mind posting the settings for these photos? I think it would help us both a lot while we try our hands with the SLR! I will be posting my settings with photos as I post them as well :)

  2. What a great shot and wonderful splash!! it seems you are having a great time with your new photoblog, congratulations, I will be back to regular blogging in about three weeks. Missing you all already!!

  3. Absolutely wonderful!! You and the Big Dawg were made for each other.

  4. did a water splash photo! It looks awesome too, the color & the water. I just can't seem to capture that. I'm banging my head against the wall every time I try. Thanks for posting the settings, maybe that will help me. When I succeed that will be me you'll hear squealing all the way over in Belgium!

  5. One of the best so far Jientje!
    Love this one!

  6. Oh I too love this one. But then again I LOVE apples so the look delicious enough to just pick up and eat right off the screen! I love "the big guy"!

  7. @ Kristi : Good idea! DONE!
    @ Mar : Enjoy your vacation!
    @ LceeL : A match made in heaven? ;-)
    @ Rebecca : I will probably post a how to later today.
    @ Carletta : Thanks, I probably took fifty before I was satisfied!
    @ Linda Higgins : I'm glad you like it! I love my Big Guy too!