Saturday, January 9, 2010

365 #9





I want to turn the whole thing upside down
I'll find the things they say just can't be found
I'll share this love I find with everyone
We'll sing and dance to Mother Nature's songs
This world keeps spinning and there's no time to waste
Well it all keeps spinning spinning round and round and
Upside down
Who's to say what's impossible and can't be found
I don't want this feeling to go away

 Upside Down
Lyrics: Jack Johnson 


  1. Great job..I didn't even see the photographer in the reflections! :-}

  2. Oh at first I thought it was a drop of water and I was drooling with jealousy about how you did that...but THIS is very creative thinking and something I could figure out how to do too! Nice job.

  3. And when you do publish a drop of water, please tell us how to do it. :)

  4. love Jack Johnson--and the photo.

  5. Ohhh! Exquisite!


  6. This is just amazing! I love the way you caught the reflection.

  7. @ Kathy : Gee thanks!
    @ The Retired One : That's because it's not a reflection but a "see through", there is no photographer in there!
    @ Rebecca : It would be very big for a drop of water, but the effect is the same.
    @ Rebecca : I haven't been able to capture drops of water as good as I can with my "little guy". The lens has a lot to do with it. I cannot get close enough with the Big Guy. Oh and I promise I will, as soon as I figured it out myself!
    @ kaye : Never heard of Jack Johnson before but it was nice meeting him!
    @ Paz: Ohhh! Thanks!
    @ Collette : It's a see through, kind of like a looking glass? Not a real reflection.